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what does drd brand audit stand for?


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I've never heard of 'DRD' before, what is the context? Where did you see this mentioned? And have you tried searching with Google?


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From a quick google search, I'm guessing you're talking about the oneworld link on their eworld website. This looks like it is an internal oneworld module only for access by members of the oneworld airlines. DRD is an internal acronym that may be to do with consistent branding/service across the alliance members maybe? 

I'd say that the only people who could tell you what it stands for and what it is exactly would be someone from one of the associated airlines that has something to do with it.


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Something to do with OneWorld airlines - if you google it, it comes up on the oneworld site as requiring an airline login - you need to have a oneworld airline email address and login for the link to work. 

sivakami, it's hard to know without a login! :)

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