My first Qantas first class flight

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Changed T-1 to T-3 after international flight. Went very smoothly at QF T1 re-check counter and bus ride to domestic terminal. Quiet time in mid-morning, so no mobs to contend with. Flew SYD-MEL.  A terrific cabin attendant.  Food was roast beef w/caramelized onion sandwich which was very tasty.  The Chardonnay Voyager Estates was great.  A well done trip.  Then flew QF F A380 MEL-LAX.  Just terrific. Cabin was half full. Attendants all male, middle age and up, very correct level of service, not stodgy, not too familiar. Spot on Aussie! Food was OK, nothing to rave about, but the main thing was the space of the seat and atmosphere.  Thanks to QF for making these flights really a highlight of the trip.

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Hope you enjoyed your visit to Melbourne.

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If you think that QF in F Class is good just try SQ and you will see quite a big difference for the better!!

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