Is the Qantas & El Al codeshare still going ahead?

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Hi All, I wish to travel SYD-TLV (Israel) in the coming months, but are very conflicted over the available options.

I always like to maximise QF status and points. 
In February 2017 QF & LY (ElAl) announced a codeshare would be implemented for flights to TLV but 5 months later it still has not happened.  You can book LY flights on the QF website with LY flight number (e.g via JNB or BKK), but I am very reluctant to do this due to nil QF status credits being earned and the ultra low QF points earn rate. QF also don't appear to sell LY flights via HKG which is where LY are sending 787 first. 
Having a QF codeshare on the LY flight would influence my decision to purchase it.
The other options of using CX or BA in Y (SYD-TLV) would yield sub <100 QF status credits, making them appear unattractive.
Does anyone know what is happening with this QF/LY codeshare or if/when it will go ahead?
If not, then it may be better to fly EK on a QF ticket to IST/ATH/AMM and connect from there. 
I also haven't ruled out flying SYD-SFO/LAX on QF and connecting to the WOW Air flight to Israel with Iceland transit.
Any thoughts welcome...


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Wow are very basic. Their planes are some of the oldest I have seen- ex Bulgaria air planes. If you are worried about status credits, wow will not give you any and I imagine every other carrier would be a better flight than wow. Iceland is incredible however and I highly recommend you go. 


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Qantas / Royal Jordanian combo have some super fares out there esp in Business Class to BEY, TLV AMM & CAI. That would satisfy points and SC's and still get you oneworld perks and recognition (should you have status) the whole way.

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