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Hoping someone can help me. 

I recently changed a Delta flight in the US and instead of a refund i now have a $160 eVoucher that i must use within 12 months. I wont be back to the US within this time frame and have been told by Delta i cannot transfer it to a colleague, use it to pay for baggage or any flight upgrades and they are refusing to refund it back to my credit card, any ideas on what i might be able to do? I thought i might be able to use it to book a codeshare flight in Australia but seems this is also not possible.
Delta have been nothing but painful to deal with and will now not even reply to emails. I will never fly them again and i warn fellow travelers to also be cautious. 


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Was a refund of the fare part of your fare type? Or is only a voucher offered for the fare type you purchased. If a refund is an option and not being provided, do a charge back on your credit card. If not, then you have received what you paid for.

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Those Delta eVouchers are indeed very restrictive.   One thing you may be able to do though if you have any plans to travel to Asia is use them on flights to/from Tokyo.  Delta operates a number of services between a variety of Asian cities and Tokyo. You can book them on the Delta web site which should allow you to consume that voucher. The route map on the Delta web site shows you what cities are serviced to/from Tokyo. (eg Tokyo <> Singapore)

Also, keep in mind that even though the voucher has a 12-month expiry, you can use it to book flights that depart after that expiry date. In other words, you have one year to spend this voucher and then one more year to complete the flight. So you basically have two years total (that is one year to book and one more year to fly).

Apart from that I cannot think of any other options that would allow you to consume that voucher without leaving Australia.


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Hi all, thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated.

Just today Delta agreed to refund it back to my credit card as a "good gesture". I did tell them i would post about this negative experience on a few FF forums, maybe they read this one? Seems a nicely worded email as a last resort can sometimes do the trick.
Thanks again and thank you Delta.

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