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Hey all

I'm travelling in a few months on a RTW trip and was curious about what lounges I can access when I'm travelling as part of that trip.

I typically travel with Virgin but the flights I'll be taking are with One World airlines instead so I only have bronze status with QANTAS :(  I am flying business class for all legs of the trip though.

I'm travelling from Sydney to Hong Kong with Cathay, and then from Hong Kong to Helsinki with Finnair.  When I'm in HK can I access any OneWorld lounge or am I limited to whatever lounge Finnair provides given I'm flying with them business class, and I'm only bronze with QANTAS.

I'm assuming the same will be true when I'm in London, New York and San Fran too.



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The OneWorld website lets you know the access requirements for lounges.

I would use Cathay in HKG and SFO. In SFO Cathay often denies access due to capacity constraints so if flying QANTAS from there it's best to fly on a night when Cathay only has the one flight in the early hours of the following morning and to arrive early (still no guarantee of being admitted).


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bob342, since you're in business class on a oneworld airline, you'll have access to all oneworld business class lounges in Hong Kong. I personally recommend The Pier, which is a little bit out of the way near gate 65, though the schlep is well worth it. Amazing lounge with great design and tons of facilities.

Assuming you're travelling oneworld business class to London, New York and San Francisco, the same applies. I recommend Cathay's brand new renovated lounge in London (unless you're flying out of Terminal 5, in which case you have one choice). New York JFK is a bit of a dump and I haven't been to San Francisco's OW lounges but I believe they're good too.

(If you're travelling between London, New York and San Francisco on on another alliance, you would be able to use all the lounges operated by an airline that's part of that alliance, with a few exceptions.)


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Fantastic, thank you both for the tips.  I've just read up on "The Pier" it sounds great, I think we have a 3 hour stop over in HK so we should get some value out of it.

We'll try out the Cathay lounge in London too, I think we fly out out terminal 3.


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Since you have QF Bronze status, which isn't anything for oneworld, you'll be using your cabin class to access lounges. Business will get you access to most oneworld member business class lounges. For example, in HKG, you'll be able to use the QF lounge or any of the CX J lounges.

The QR lounges in DOH and LHR have different rules, and the arrivals lounges (really only AA and BA at LHR and CX at HKG) are not part of the oneworld agreement and have their own access rules.
They can also refuse access for "capacity" reasons, BA and CX do this often at North American ports.
There are 3rd party lounges which can only be accessed when flying on the airline that contracts with that lounge. ie, QF uses the AF/KL lounge at SFO. oneworld status holders can only use that lounge when flying with QF.

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