Jetstar annual PAX figures

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Hi there educated aviation-types!

I'm trying to find some data around Jetstar Group PAX figures over the last few years, but it seems that this data is absorbed into the QF totals everywhere I look.
Can anyone assist with these figures?
Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help :-)

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Have you checked the Qantas Group Annual Reports, Investor Presentations, Supplementary Slides and other key PDFs as available via the Announcements area of the ASX website (under stock code QAN)? They usually have plenty of good stats including things like Available Seat Kilometres (ASKs), Revenue per Available Seat Kilometres (RASKs) and others which may be of interest when each financial report is released: depends on what you're looking for I guess.


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A quick search revealed that page 22 of the 2016 Qantas report has some Jetstar figures on it.

The Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development also has some good data on it.

In 2016 Jetstar (excluding Jetstar Asia) operated 4,471,860 seats in and out of Australian airports on International flights. To put in in perspective Qantas the next highest airline in terms of numbers of seats had 7,966,443 seats in 2016.

Note that above that the number of seats the airline provides

In reality, Jetstar only carried 3,562,207 people in/out of Australia but was still the highest carrying 9.5% of all people coming in/out of Australia by plane.

Hopefully, the two screenshots appear and they are both taken directly from the 2016 Anual report on International airline activity.


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You can find Jetstar international passenger numbers here...

Hope that helps!


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From Flight Global's 2017 World Airline Rankings (released a few days ago):

Top 100 Airlines By Traffic

  • Jetstar Group in 59th place (57th in 2016).
  • RPK (Passenger Traffic) at 32,982m - Change +8.1% YOY
  • ASK (Available Seat Cap) at 40,370m - Change +6.4% YOY
  • Group Load Factor - 81.7%

By comparison, QF (minus JQ Group) came in at 23rd place and VA came in at 61st place.

Courtesy of Flight Global, under 'Fair Use' policy.


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Brilliant - thanks everyone!


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These figures are also available on the Qantas website: look under the investors section for the monthly traffic figures.

JQ and QF stats for domestic, and separately for international, are all identified.

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