Offered a 'Mini Status Challenge' for VA Platinum

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Hey all, just reporting something interesting.

I recently maintained Gold after achieving it this year, so current SC Balance of 952.

Today I got an email: To upgrade and enjoy the added benefits of Platinum sooner, an additional 21 Status Credits# and flying the required number of Eligible Sectors^ are needed in the next 2 weeks.

An extra 21 SC would bring my balance to 973 SC needed out of 1000SC. I already have the required sectors and would earn 40 SC in the next two weeks anyway.

Has anyone else received this 'mini status challenge' before? My only concern is that now I will get Platinum one month earlier than planned, and it means I would miss out on having Platinum during the December 2018/January 2019 break unless I maintain it next year. Thanks!

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Velocity maintains two status credit tallies: one based around your 'membership year', and the other being a rolling 12-month count. If you maintain your status within your membership year, it'll be valid until the end of the next membership year. The only time the rolling count comes into play is if you move up a tier.

Perhaps the email is using one figure and you're looking at the other..?


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List platinum different to gold in this regard?

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