Commemorative Boarding Pass & Luggage Tag

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Got a nice gift from Qantas to celebrate my loyalty over the last 30 years. It was a silvery cardboard boarding pass with my name on it and a heavy luggage tag without my name on it.

Who else got one and thinks this is a nicely thoughtful but useless present?


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Haha, I got one as an original member but I have been wondering what I can do with it.

Yes, it came in a lovely package [immediately binned]
The boarding card was pretty but wasnt goint to get me on board any flight.
The tag is even more interesting. It is heavy and has a strap and buckle for attachment. But apart from being heavy it cant be used as a bag identifier as it cannot replace the Q tag and has no other identification or ability to have any identification. Sooooo, whats it meant to do?
Thanks QANTAS for remembering me but at least I could have drunk a bottle of your 30 year commemorative wine rather than drop this nice trinket in a drawer for ever. :)

Any other thoughts?

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