How good is the Citi Signature card for earning Emirates miles?

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I have accumulated miles spread out over a few different programs (Qantas, American Advantage, Velocity, Kris (Singapore airlines) Alaska - right now I'm finding them all pretty much the same- not great for trying to book business flights from Australia to the USA - and not always easy to find flights in business rewards to Asia either.

my Citi Signature card allows me to transfer to Emirates but I've never bothered-
Is it worthwhile trying to accrue points in this program in the hopes of finding business reward seats to Asia? or is it as hard as the other programs?
Do they offer top-up points for cash?
At any rate, it will take me years to accrue enough points for anything.


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Keep your Citi Signature points until you find a suitable flight ... then transfer the points to the FF programme associated with that flight. The last thing you want to happen is that you find a business reward flight from one airline, but all your points are in an incompatible FF programme.

There are definitely ways that you can accrue points reasonably quickly. Credit card sign-up deals can be brilliant -- my wife and I each sign up to a new credit card annually (generally we cancel one annually as well, before having to pay the next annual fee). Just doing that can get you up to 200,000 points per year. I've found that, as a general rule, it's not all that difficult to accrue at least 300,000 points per $100,000 of household income, per year. AmEx cards generally are the best for accruing points, but there are others.
Many, if not most, FF programmes will sell you points for cash.


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thanks for your helpful reply -
I had signed up for 3 new cards a couple of year's ago but, unfortunately the days for me signing up for cards for points is over now -
I usually just buy my points/miles from American Advantage although makes it somewhat expensive when our $ is low against the US$.

I will take your advice and hold off moving my citi points though- that's probably a good idea- the only problem is when you see a flight, it could be gone in the time it takes to move the points over...

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