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Qantas advertises that as part of it's partnership with Emirates, certain passengers are eligible to use Emirates lounges. Their website doesn't offer much in the way of detail, but as explained in an article on this website, you need to be travelling in Business or First, or hold Gold or higher status.


I am Gold with Qantas and travel with them regularly between Asia, Australia and New Zealand in Business. I've had success entering their lounges most times, however have been refused access at both Brisbane and Melbourne with the same excuse given - I am travelling on a Qantas flight that does not have an Emirates code share. There have been times I was granted access at other airports without travelling on a code share flight but it seems like these two ports are (rightly or wrongly) sticking to the same set of rules.

Nowhere in the aforementioned article does it state the need to be travelling on a code share flight, and I can also find no mention of this on the Qantas or Emirates websites. E-mails to Emirates have gone unanswered, and e-mails to Qantas have been equally as unhelpful.

Anyone have similar experiences or perhaps know where I could find the official Emirates lounge entry policy?


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I suggest calling Qantas and Emirates and asking for a respone

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