How will EK and QF align FF programs?

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How will EK and QF align FF programs? Clark says they will introduce a platinum tier to their skywards program how will it align with QF.

As it stands,

Skywards Blue = Qantas Bronze

Skywards Silver = Qantas Gold

Skywards Gold = Qantas Platinum

Therefore Skywards have no equivalent to QF Silver. How will they fit in an extra tier on top? Will Skywards Platinum be equal to QF Platinum One?


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Emirates have said they may add another teir.

At present

EK Silver/Gold=QF Gold (both get business lounge access, Gold also gets guests) , Emirates is likely to introduce a Premium tier that will be equivalent to Qantas Plat (ie First class lounge)

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AA: we put the tier question to Emirates boss Tim Clark at the QF-EK announcement and he confirmed (as we've previously reported) that Emirates will be adding a fourth tier to match against Qantas Platinum. The name is tba (could be Platinum, could be Gold Elite, could be Adamantium for all we know), as is the number of tier miles (EK's version of statuc credits) needed to quality and the perks that come with the new shiny plastic. But all will be revealed soon!

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