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I'm seeking some advice and information from those here that are more knowledgeable on Jetstar check-in process.

Recently flew Jetstar from Melbourne to Townsville and had an interesting situation occur. The once a day direct flight was full, so their system gave an option to book two flights, with a short stopover in Brisbane of just over an hour. I had one booking reference number covering both flights and no checked baggage, just a small carry on. On check-in at Melbourne, the computer issued one boarding pass only for Melbourne to Brisbane leg.

I asked the Jetstar rep who informed I'd need to obtain a further boarding pass at Brisbane for the next leg to Townsville. The aircraft operating from Melbourne was late arriving, thus by time we boarded and got going had ate into a fair chunk of layover time. Once at Brisbane, I had to exit the plane quickly, race down the concourse to ground, locate a check-in kiosk and obtain boarding pass, then back through security (one lane only operating and lineup) then back along concourse to gate lounge to step onto the next aircraft waiting for departure.

The real risk was that I was very close to missing the second flight due to the runaround. This was for leisure travel and understand low cost airline but are wondering if there was something else I should have or could have done to have both boarding passes or is this normal?

Also, I couldn't use the kiosk at Melbourne to advance check-in as the flight from Brisbane hadn't yet opened (>3hrs). From memory, sure have travelled VA from Townsville to Sydney via Brisbane before and received both boarding passes at check-in. So not sure why this was different.

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You could have done online check-in 48 hours prior, surely??

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Does Jetstar have a service desk upstairs in Brisbane? You may have also been able to obtain your boarding pass there, or even at the gate if asking nicely (before check-in closes).

If you have Qantas lounge access, the lounge staff also have access to Jetstar systems and can issue Jetstar boarding passes there too.


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Thanks for the replies. Yeah you're both right, online check-in could have worked and possibly the other boarding gate staff might have been able to issue the pass.

I don't think there is a service desk for Jetstar upstairs at Brisbane domestic, (haven't seen it) but believe there is one down near the baggage drop off.

In hind-sight didn't realise this boarding pass anomaly till just prior to the departure of first flight but will certainly be more aware of options next time to make things more simple, if flying multiple legs with them again.


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You could have checked in for a JQ flight at the QF lounge which meant you wouldnt have had to go back through security.

I regularly check in for JQ flights at the QF lounge

Also there is no JQ service desk security side at BNE. It is all land side

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