Using Platinum Perks when Earning KrisFlyer Miles

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Hello, feels like a silly question but worth checking.

I've earned enough credits to maintain platinum with VA. Work has me increasingly flying on SQ so I've set up a KrisFlyer account. If I link my next SQ flights to my KrisFlyer account to earn KrisFlyer miles (to hopefully limit the loss of transferring velocity points to KrisFlyer), am I still able to use my platinum benefits for that booking? (E.g., earn KrisFlyer but still priority check-in, lounge etc).

Thanking you!


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On a technicality, you are only able to use the benefits for the frequent flyer scheme you are linked to on the booking. So in your case, you will lose all benefits if you don’t have VA on the booking. Members, please correct me if I’m wrong


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I havent tried this but on the FF forums they suggest the following; flash your VA platinum at check in or add it your booking, use priority check in and get your bags priority checked, go to lounge, eat drink and be merry then ask assistant at the lounge desk to change your booking to your KF number and reprint your boarding pass (or not, so long as the FF program is changed it doesnt matter if they give you a new physical boarding pass). Go to gate with platinum VA card at the ready just in case and use your priority boarding.


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I do this all the time and never had a problem. I’ve also flashed my gold card in Singapore while using a VA ff on my booking.

I believe it boils down to the fact that I have a boarding pass for that airline departing on that day— I can then use the status whatever that may be.


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It's not exactly the same but i've done it waiving my turkish gold card around but all my boarding passes had my KF number on them

Paul Lock

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This can be done.

Was moving to NZ and flying a lot with Air NZ but was a SQ FF Gold. Booked on Air NZ to build up the points and when I arrived at the lounge got them to add the SQ Gold as a supplementary card to keep getting the points. A couple of times they made a mistake and didn't get the points so you have to make sure that they add it correctly.


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I do it a lot in the US where I might be banking some United Mileage Plus Points but use my AirNZ gold to enter the lounge, never a problem.


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have had various success in SYD doing this. i.e. have had miles credited to SQ instead of VA so if you're on the cusp of any status etc make sure they do it correctly!

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