Requesting upgrade on Emirates metal with QF Flight Number

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I want to try get an upgrade on Emirates metal with a QF flight number. 

If I put my QF Platinum FF number into he booking can I use either the QF FF or Emirates FF to request an upgrade?




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If you're using QFF points it's not possible to upgrade on an Emirates plane.


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Just a follow up question:

Is it possible to buy an upgrade (money, not points). I have a flight in EK J (QF code) and hoping to buy an upgrade to F. And if possible where do i request this?



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No, you can't do that either; I've tried. Emirates and Qantas blame each other for not being able to do it.


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To me, this is one of the most frustrating aspects to the QFF program.

Does the same apply with Qantas-Qatar codeshares?

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