Pausing Velocity status when taking a break from work

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Morning all, I have just quit work after 13 years for a break (6 to 12 months) I have Virgin Platinum and Qantas Life Gold. Has anyone had experience in suspending their Velocity Account saving the accumulated status credits until back to work ? Many thanks


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There is a parental pause, but that is pausing status not saving your status credits. If you are expecting a child in the next 6 months or that child is under 2 you could apply for this.

Taking a break from work for reasons other than the above is not a reason to keep your status tier.


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You won't be able to "pause" your status credits.

Virgin Australia does have a soft landing feature which means that after your platinum status expires you will drop to gold then to silver. I guess this will soften the blow as at worst case scenairo in a year you'll be Gold at worst.



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I can imagine this is too difficult to manage, hence why it isn't an option...


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i dont think they ask for proof if you apply for parental pause....

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