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Hi, I will be transiting for 3hrs in Munich Terminal 2 (arriving SQ328 from Singapore, connecting to A3501 to Thessaloniki) and have found multiple lounge options. I'll be flying Business Class but am also Star Alliance Gold. Aegean MUC departures, all leave from 'G' gates in Terminal 2 which leaves 4 lounge options - 2x Lufthansa Senator Lounges, or 2x Lufthansa Business Lounges. 

Does anyone have suggestions as to which of these 4 lounges are the best considering my layover is 3hrs and I would have just flown 20ish hours from Perth?


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I went to the Lufthansa Business lounge when i was there near the G gates just past security on the right from memory. Was adjoining a senator lounge. Was quite a nice lounge, plenty of food options with hot choices, showers, decent wifi.


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Hi All - was thinking of starting a new thread but saw this. Same situation. Presume senator lounge is better than business (but by much?) and then which are the better options? Satellite?


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