• I could not find a Velocity activity statement that also displayed my membership number and status. Is screenshotting the statement sufficient, or is there another place I can look for the statements with those other details visible?

  • A direct flight from Perth to avoid transiting in a hub would be great. Could be a good opportunity for Qantas given the usually high volume of traffic between Australia and Greece.

  • Do you think SQ passengers be allowed entry, or will they be sent back to the (small & underwhelming) SilverKris lounge?

  • Oct 26, 2017, 04:19 PM

    I'll hold off until SQ formally release the product in their colour palette, upholstery specs, etc. I think the SQ touch will make this 'off-the-shelf' product look pretty good.

  • SQ226 (2:05pm departure) is definitely the one I try book.1-2-1 in Business makes a big difference, even on PER-SIN which is usually under 5hrs. I was on SQ214 (5:10pm departure) last month and the 2-2-2 Business had been reupholstered in a nice chocolate brown colour. On the way back however the...

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  • Emirates 777 Business Class

    Jan 02, 2022, 01:53 PM

    Do the 777-300ER's flying into Australia feature the refreshed EK Business Class like on their 200LR?

  • The volume of Australian tourists travelling to Greece each year seems to be growing exponentially. The Greek PM announced that they would begin receiving international tourists from July, with Australia being one of the countries where its tourists would be accepted. Given Greece has been part o...

  • Next SQ fare specials

    Feb 09, 2019, 04:53 PM

    SQ just ended a Business Class special fare promo on Jan 31. Does anyone know when the next lot of specials will come on sale?

  • Any more routes for the new SQ A380?

    Jan 13, 2019, 01:47 PM

    Have the new A380 products been added on anymore routes on top of SYD, PVG, ZRH and LHR? Looks like FRA and CDG still have the old A380's.

  • Can you book an award ticket using your own Skywards miles for a family member as per the Singapore Airlines nominee process? There is no family account setup as it does not pool previously earned miles.

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