British Airways to Qatar connection

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I am flying JFK-LHR-DOH on British Airways on one ticket, and then DOH-PER on Qatar on a separate ticket. Will BA check my bags all the way through to PER? A through-check has never been an issue for me Star Alliance carriers but not sure re One World. The layer in DOH is only 1h50m so I think it would be cutting it very fine if I had to clear customs and re-check bags.


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If they are separate booking references (which I suspect they are), then BA will only check them through to DOH. Bizarrely they enforce that even if the 2 bookings are both through BA!


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Hi there @Yanni, what's the reason for separate tickets? If its due to one being a revenue ticket and the other using points sometimes they make an exception. If its for any other reason than they won't.


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In my experience if you hold senior status with a ow carrier, esp BA or QR in this case, they may just do it considering your connection time. Personally for me it would have been too risky a move from the outset but best of luck!


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Unlikely but I would check on arrival in DOH with the connection desk, they may retag it for you without leaving airside

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