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I arrive in SYD from DFW at 07:30 and need to head into the CBD for a while before flying to PER at 19:55. Can I check my bags in for the PER leg upon in arrival in SYD or is this too soon before the flight?


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I am unsure if it can be checked in so early, but my recommendation is not to do it. Put politely, luggage systems are weak right now. Early check in increases the risk of your luggage not making your flight.

There are attended left luggage facilities in all terminals or central station if you take the train to the CBD.


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If you are on a single itinerary with your DFW to SYD and SYD to PER flights, you "should" be able to check it in at the domestic transfer desk at Sydney T1 as the bag should be tagged all the way to PER. As Nalanji commented, you may open yourself up to the risk of your bag not making it to PER although the likelihood is reduced compared to a couple of months back. If that is not something you want to to chance, just leave it with the luggage facility in T1 and check it in later on but it means you have to go back to T1 first before heading over to T3.

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