Qantas Ultimate card and travel credit

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I opened this card recently. I’ve just booked a trip to London in October with my 8yr old Son. With the $450 travel credit applied, it only cost $1813 for both of us. Flying on Qantas coded flights on every sector, via Singapore on the way and via Dubai on the way back. Can’t beat that! The 100000 points will be credited soon too! Might go again!


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Yep it's definitely a good deal, and one of the reasons why I picked that AMEX over other products.

With the travel credit, the card basically pays for itself, with good points earning rates.
I guess AMEX are betting that most people will end up paying interest on the card to claw back their costs....
There must be some additional trickle down and goodwill bonus for their travel agency too.
It's a good way to incentivise more bookings on Qantas as well, which benefits Qantas.

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