One booking QF/OZ - splitting FF points

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Hi, I have an upcoming booking MEL to Seoul (ICN). The first leg is on QF MEL to SYD, then a quick domestic to international transfer for the SYD to ICN flight. Both flights are on the same PNR. The Asiana flight will earn nothing with QF and vice versa with my Star Alliance account. I want the domestic flight to go to my QFF account, and the international to my United account. Currently I've added my QFF# to the booking using the Qantas website, but that number has also appeared on my Asiana booking now. Is there a way to split these? Do I need to call Asiana upon landing in Sydney to have them change my FF# to my United # for the second flight? As I'll already be checked in from Melbourne, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that at the departure gate in Sydney? Any advice appreciated.


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I’d prioritise the OZ flight for your United account. With that set, ask someone at the checkin desks in Melbourne to have your FF details added solely to the domestic leg - check again in Sydney to ensure your United details are on your boarding pass!

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