• No Qantas flights, just Jetstar

    May 01, 2020, 03:29 PM

    The plan for JQ to exit the West predates 2020 - with the likely demise of Tiger, JQ may only service routes such as PER-CNS or PER-OOL when this over; though it's entirely possible that JQ will leave PER entirely to focus on BQB.

  • Should the current restrictions continue post the current extension period I would hope Qantas would launch a stimulus of their own!If they launched an offer similar to a status challenge that could easily drum up artificial demand for travel before actual demand catches up.

  • Recent change, but i think EK will still flying to SYD at the very least

  • They definitely haven't for Gold/Platinum, tho it may take a couple of tries before they initiate the offer...

  • BA currently have a “free sector” upgrade promo. So if you travelled to LHR on BA15/16 you could pay for PE on the way there and get Business on the way back (or vice versa). Similarly you could pay for Business and upgrade one sector to F. I wouldnt be overly inclined to book their business prod...