• It's worth noting that the only airline to deploy a true F class onboard the A350 is MU. Even then it's more of a “premium business”, located within the business cabin. MH and JL run Business Suites and Domestic F respectively. None of these products could compete with the F class onboard the QF ...

  • Attempted to get a quote but it looks like they've got no interest in insuring drivers under 30!

  • I have a feeling that “The Business” between MEL-PER will soon by the business of the past!

  • 777-9 would make a lot of sense as an initial sunrise aircraft, especially with “high-level” designs for a new F cabin and should be able to make JFK fairly easily at 300 seats. The payload hit to LHR would be pretty hefty though!

  • This isn't the “compelling option”. The option from Boeing suggests a stop-gap aircraft delivered in 2022 that will be able to range out to JFK at the very least, to be then followed by a proper ULH model.Rumours are that the initial model could be similar to the 787-10s that NZ have ordered for ...

  • If you've got high status it might be worth making a phone call to see if theres any availability to SFO or LAX. But I've only used the service to release a seat for myself... 2 may be a tad difficult!

  • Some AA flights to Canada can be routed through DFW (even from JFK). A return econ flight through DFW should do the trick.

  • Emirates have just announced that there will be a service reduction in November only. ADL down to 5 weekly service, EK430/431 service will be cancelled in BNE and SYD will have an A380 service downgraded to 77W.Whilst this does correspond to scheduled downtime in the EK fleet, there are murmuring...

  • Next Double Satus Credits promo?

    Aug 13, 2019, 07:51 AM

    I just got a targeted email for DSC travelling to South America, so I daresay a full DSC offer is coming up soon!

  • Qantas rants

    Jun 23, 2019, 12:40 PM

    Now for the downvotes!