Lack of QF domestic widebodies

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I have been looking at flights on QF and was hoping to see atleast an increase on widebody services in Q1 2021.

From what I can see only 1x A333 on Per to Syd and still only B737s for Per to Mel and Bne.

I know widebodies are more costly to fly - but could this be the new norm for domestic coast to coast travel for near future? Which leads me to think is this partly because VA have no widebodies and QF don't have the need to fly larger aircraft with a competitive product?

After being treated well for so long to suites, I now expect these to be a rare occurnace going forward bought on by current climate but also by lack of competition. Thoughts?


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For interests sake - QF581 today is a 787-9.

As far as I can tell, the entire A332 fleet is still grounded - 737 availability is starting to dwindle however. So there’s every chance we could see the 332s spun up early next year.

I do agree that the domestic widebody is largely going to be a luxurious relic of the past - particularly on the golden triangle. But I think the east-west routes will still feature the odd A330/787.


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ET reported there will be 18 flights of the B787 deployed around Aus in lead up to Xmas but nothing more at this stage. I take it the 787 could be used sparingly inbetween intl flights but they only have a few of those active at moment so even those would be hard to come by in new year.

In saying that VA has just committed to the B737-max10 from 2023 which would likely have a narrow body lie flat seat..competition on business class may come back into play then so perhaps only a couple years of waiting for more of a better product on both airlines.


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lack of demand up until the last few days, takes time to bring more A330's out of hibernation and/or they haven't updated the schedule for 2021 yet. The cynic in me says limiting capacity so they can hoik up the fares.

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It's simple - if passenger numbers increase to make it viable, QF will roster B787/A330s on the run. But until they hit the required passenger numbers, they'll use B737.


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Also worth noting as international markets start opening up eventually the coast to coast 330’s will be perfect to use on point to point international flying. With the 747 gone and A380’s likely gone for good the 330 is perfect for Asian hops while the 787 will eventually do the UK/US when that opens up again which isn’t any time soon of course.

We will still see 330’s creep on PER-SYD PER-MEL PER-BNE. Just give it some time and probably not as many as before for the reasons given in other posts above.


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Depending on how long it has been between working, crews may also need to do some refresher training before being cleared to fly, I guess. That could also hold things up a bit. With COVID you would think they'd want different crews flying domestic trips compared with international even if the same aircraft is used to minimise the spread.


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I booked SYD-PER for Easter - flying Sunday 28th and returning the 5th of April. I noted that there were a large number of 330's - including in the weekend. We are booked to return in J both legs on a 330 (hopefully it doesn't get swapped out).

Perhaps it's a reflection that Qantas expect Easter to be a busy holiday period -- it seems on the basis of hotel bookings, they would be right, as Margaret River is well booked already.


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As recently as yesterday, Australia Day "long" weekend flights were almost exclusively 737s.

When I booked today, flights in both directions at (my) optimal times are now A330s. (ex SYD)

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They can slot the A333s in easily as the passenger runs can fit in with their international freight runs.

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