Likelihood of a further Qantas status extension

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With international travel looking unlikely until 2021 (and domestic being shaved considerably), what are the groups thoughts on likelihood of further status extensions for Qantas flyers? Or will Qantas simply offer the current status extension as a one-time only scheme?

Poll: Should Qantas further extend the current status extension offer if domestic and international travel sees further delays


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Should the current restrictions continue post the current extension period I would hope Qantas would launch a stimulus of their own!

If they launched an offer similar to a status challenge that could easily drum up artificial demand for travel before actual demand catches up.


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Given the restrictions, particularly on international travel, it is hard to see how many people will achieve platinum. Maybe rather than an extension they will lower thresholds for the first 12 months back. I've been platinum for around the last 8 years but without a big overseas business class trip there is no way I could achieve with domestic travel alone. In my uneducated opinion, overseas travel will seem highly unlikely until a vaccine is developed unless you are prepared to sit 14 days in isolation on return. This alone will make it hard for businesses to justify the need for people to travel.


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Its going to be interesting. Whats the point of status if youre not flying anyway, or the lounges are closed etc.



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I doubt there will be international travel (except for New Zealand) this year so I expect an extension to FF status when they know the new dates, which won't be this year. I have two vouchers that have to be booked towards the end of the year. My next step will be to cash them in, and rebook when we know more.


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Will be able to get a seat in the lounge


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Originally Posted by jrfsp

Its going to be interesting. Whats the point of status if youre not flying anyway, or the lounges are closed etc.

Loyalty is KING in the aviation industry. Don't mess with those eligible. That's the 1st world problem right there.

I'm still livid that I paid to do a status trip to maintain good in late Feb only to find out weeks later that it is extended automatically of which I'm not eligible for but cause I met it I get no benefit but can't travel. So I'll be asking for an extension of some form.


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Extending status while the airline is not flying and all lounges are closed would seem to add little cost to the airline. They might have a status challenge to extend status when flying resumes. I don't think anyone knows.


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Without it I will seriously struggle to get Gold by the looks of things, but I have 3 years of unused QClub access still left from many years ago that I can fall back on, that will cover me for most places anyway.


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Realistically I think it is likely that (depending on how long this goes on for and what the realistic ability to actually travel is in the near term) they will probably go with some combination of extending status and potentially reducing qualifying thresholds for each tier. For the vast majority if they are thinking they are going to be re-qualifying for Platinum next year at current requirements with any ease they are probably deluding themselves.


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I would like to respond to cbs_air, who raises an interesting point. From an idealistic perspective I totally agree, however if we are to show empathy to Australian tourist operators, where is the quid pro quo when these destinations for fellow Australian tourists are ridiculously expensive. I hope to resume an annual escape to FNQ....PD where a decent apartment is close to $1000 per night. This is not an hotel near the Rialto Bridge ( Venice in high season @$ 1500.p.n) Yet, most fellow correspondents to this forum, will have had premium accommodation OS for far less ( unless you have hankered for a central London dig)

I share the wish of all above to be released from travel restrictions. Spent the last couple of hours reliving/ relating all the exciting adventures my wife and I have had all over the place and in most continents and simply cannot wait to book or arrange that taxi/ transfer to our nearest airport to disappear for six /seven weeks to just refresh our Spanish, Italian, even pommy English. What the hell do they speak in Croatia.....hope to find out soonest. As some travel vlog producers say: see you in the sky!

As the year progresses, and my annual membership ticked over to zero ( to stay relevant to the topic) I hope the extension will be considered as most of us will not reach any thing like 1400 SC , although Feb and Aug. 2021 seems a long time away. On current calculations that means if we are allowed to fly by June 2020, all our bookings will have to be on double SC.....what are the odds? Any gamblers out there willing to have a guess?

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