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  • QFF status support - 50%

    Feb 09, 2021, 06:57 PM

    Yes @theflyinggeo, that is also my understanding. One eligible flight to get an additional 12 months of status at the current level. E.g. my membership year expires Jul 2021, gets me an extension of QF Plat through to Jul 2022.

  • It seems to me that this one is almost a no-brainer. Qantas will be scraping to get all of the business they can once flying kicks back into gear. Hence, another revision of the status extension is a must to keep the customer base happy. Perhaps only a further 6-month increment? We will see.

  • With international travel looking unlikely until 2021 (and domestic being shaved considerably), what are the groups thoughts on likelihood of further status extensions for Qantas flyers? Or will Qantas simply offer the current status extension as a one-time only scheme?

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