Status extension conundrum

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My Platinum finally expires 31 July 2023 after the most recent complementary extension. I have a round-the-world ticket booked for travel in Aug, Sep and Oct 2023 on Qantas and OW. My question is: what are my chances of squeezing an extra 3 months out of Qantas? Is it fraught, or worth asking? Any advice is very welcome.


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Worst case is you ask and there's no positive reply...

If you don't ask you'll never know, so ask 'nicely'.

I have benefited from this many years ago.


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Although some years ago, I know friends who have definitely had a full year renewal granted on the basis of an upcoming booking in the next period, that tips them over the required status credits.... All they did was phone and ask nicely. Not sure its the same situation as yours though. I doubt they will change the normal status reset date by a few months, and I'm not reading your situation like that trip will be enough to actually reach platinum? That said, agree with Clancy - there is never anything to lose by a call to the FF platinum centre :)

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