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  • Australian Travel Declaration

    Jan 17, 2022, 10:13 AM

    We filled ours out multiple times coming back from Fiji last week. We changed it several times as our flight kept changing due to cyclone. People were completing it at Nadi airport as they hadn't done it. From a non technical perspective, but traveller experience, once you submit it, it is "asses...

  • What do we all think will be the outcome of all this airfare wise?Will airlines increase or decrease their airfares? Maybe it's cabin based? (Economy up and business down?)Thoughts??

  • Originally Posted by jrfsp Its going to be interesting. Whats the point of status if youre not flying anyway, or the lounges are closed etc. Loyalty is KING in the aviation industry. Don't mess with those eligible. That's the 1st world problem right there. I'm still livid that I paid to do a stat...

  • What will Virgin look like now?

    Apr 21, 2020, 12:09 PM

    Sadly, the choices they made in regards to ownership are the choices they made and that is business. Businesses are allowed to find any owner they want in a free market. Qantas and Virgin are 2 different models. The only thing australian about Virgin is it is a registered australian business oper...

  • Hi, Invited to wedding in September in France and can't justify at this stage the extra $3-5k for the 2 of us to do EK/QF/SQ/AY to Europe. Any insight into both Vietnam or China Southern Business would be great. My wife is Gluten Free so any insight there too on the meals would be great. Thanks!

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