• Hopefully the will be offering a meal choice.  Salmon and artesian cheeses are not to everyone’s taste. They are quite strong flavours and don’t have universal appeal. Also Rex needn’t worry about matching Qantas. More likely Qantas’ catering downgrades will sink belo...

  • It is telling that Virgin are thinking of keeping the Canberra lounge closed. That would suggest they are not chasing government business so one must wonder what the business class offering is going to look like.

  • Extremely short sighted move. They might feel at the moment like they are the only option and can do what they like but it is a very poor call. When things go wrong we all would like a human to deal with. 

  • I won’t hold my breath. It will be theoretically possible but just like now there will hardly be any availability. 

  • I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this. If you purchased a ticket then changed a flight and paid an additional change fee, when the airline then cancels your new flight should they refund just the original fare paid or the change fee as well?

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  • COVID-19 vaccine - paid options

    Jan 31, 2021, 11:38 AM

    I doubt any vaccine manufacturers are selling to other than governments and governments are having trouble securing orders. Your chance of securing a private supply you could then import into Australia and then have administer would be zero. You would be better off getting a job in the hotel qua...

  • Extending status while the airline is not flying and all lounges are closed would seem to add little cost to the airline. They might have a status challenge to extend status when flying resumes. I don't think anyone knows.

  • As suggested use the seatbelt and some pillows to reduce the risk. Also for the enlightenment of some. Over 2's do indeed pay for their seats, are not little adults and therefore don't behave like adults. Finally parents cannot fully control all behaviours eg crying so please no more comments abo...

  • Getting the spare seat has more to do with the fact the forward seats can only be preselected for p1 p and gold and only released more generally much closer to departure. This means if the flight is really full or another couple with status chose 2 seats next to you the your out of luck. Given mo...

  • For domestic flights when doing your flight search go to the Qantas site first, find the times then narrow your search parameters down to those specific times on the Amex site. Your more likely to find the best price.

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