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I've had a number of very bad experiences with the call centre in Fiji in the last few weeks. I assume this is a new centre and they are still training?

I managed to speak to my old friends in the Tasmanian call centre this afternoon and they were surprised to hear that Platinum FFs are being routed to Fiji.

I don't want to reveal in public forums the direct number to the Tasmanian team and Qantas rotates the numbers fairly frequently but I wanted to know if others have been having this experience with Fiji or other centres and whether we can apply pressure to Qantas to route Platinum FFs back to the local onshore call centres?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


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I've had the same experience with their offshore call center team recently - they are okay at handling requests that are simple in nature but if your issue is more complex the wheels quickly fall off (that's where you find your call placed back on hold and 'inexplicably' disconnected soon after).

It seems that Australia's national airline nowdays does everything it can to avoid hiring actual Australians.


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I'm platt. Had a booking problem a couple months ago.. re a credit. Rang and got a guy who seemed to know how to fix it.. didn't work. Rang back a bit later (9.30pm on a fri night) and got someone in Hobart.. he was able to fix the problem, although initially he wasn't 100% sure. He also rang back sat night to confirm that the problem was solved and that I was happy with the outcome. I must say that I was happy with the service and outcome.

Now if they could just speed up the baggage retrieval .. Sydney over 45 mins and Brisbane over 40 mins. I was able to observe from the lounge in Sydney the efforts of downloading .. not very efficient... the refueling truck arrived and they all stood back and waited for that to finish before moving to unload baggage. My flight back to Brisbane was delayed 20 mins as they were still loading baggage. No wonder their departure and arrival times from published schedules) have dropped significantly.


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The South African call centre is no better. They give you wrong information such as saying there are no seats on flights that are half empty or promising to call back and not doing it. Last time I got through the guy there said their system was down and couldn't do anything but the Qantas web site was still working here. They seem to have lots of IT issues. They also don't seem to realise your a platinum when you call. No recognition, no courtesies. I am not sure what Qantas are aiming for - perhaps they are encouraging their 'premium' members to try Virgin. To top it off I love the 'if you're not travelling in the next 24 hours then get lost' message you get when you call the premium number.

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