Qantas 787-9 Melbourne to Perth Lounge Access

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Can I as a QF Gold FF use the emirates lounge in Melbourne prior to QF9, or only have access to the QF International Business Lounge? I am travelling on the domestic leg only in economy


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I don't see why not... from the Qantas website:

"Enjoy access for you and one guest to Emirates Lounges throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, whenever you fly with Qantas or Emirates. "

There is nothing specific saying you have to be on an international flight or similar.

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I'm not sure the EK lounge would even be open for the QF9 departure time,

Plus they're known for their idiosyncratic access policies,

Bottom line: I don't know, but I'm guessing not, as EK don'y code-share on that route?

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I can tell you from experience they don’t like it and prefer you to go away.

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Strictly speaking it's allowed, but it seems the EK staff try to discourage it.


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But by goodness it's worth trying to get in - a world apart from the MEL QF J lounge/bunker. I was in the EK lounge last week prior to a QF J flight to AKL at 1645 - quiet, comfortable seating, great food and wine, and some of the best tarmac views the airport has to offer. And it was empty.


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Tried to get in as a platinum member and told it was only for people that had come from the UK and not joining the flight in Perth.

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Yep, 20 years with QF, Platinum, LTG, all that....was told at check in - welcome in the transit the transit lounge was “ redirected “ to the waiting area.

Seriously——I’m a bit over QF.

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