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Hi all,

Looking to travel to LA JAN 2019. Will Delta have their premium economy to Aus by then?

Conflicting information between the travel agent and the Delta site...



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No Delta don't have it to Sydney. The travel agent is correct as what you're seeing on the Delta site is Delta selling Virgin Australia premium economy seats as a Delta marketed service Virgin operated.

Currently it's just Delta A350's and B757's that have the premium select and whilst they won't fly the 757's to Australia there is a chance between now and January that they'll swap the B777-200 for an A350 on the Sydney route.


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Delta has announced several A350 routes up to July 2018.

Based upon the last route announced LAX-PVG, the turn time in LA bodes well for the A350 planes to do a LAX-PVG-LAX-SYD-LAX-PVG loop. All of DL's Asia flights leave in the morning so the plane cannot sit on the ground for 20 hours at LAX, nor can it do a 7pm to the East Coast of the US (ATL) or Midwest (DTW).

The US carriers are very good at looping their aircraft instead of idle downtime, especially on the new expensive jets. Wall Street expects those planes to be in the air nonstop!!!


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Delta are soon to be installing Delta One suites and premium economy on their 777's. Refurbishment was supposed to start early this year, but no news yet...


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It'll be interesting to see how that turns out for the mileage/status credit accumulators, as Delta's Comfort+ product credits to Velocity as Premium Economy, but at 2/3 the price of VA's PE product.

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