• Will be interesting to see what changes are made in the economy space. Nickle and diming pax, especially in the baggage stakes is a revenue generator, however it doesn't bode well for customer satisfaction when your main competitor (QF) doesn't do it. Perhaps a return to the "Lite" fare of $10-15...

  • Possibly due to forward booking numbers in the next few months? If numbers are good through April for LAX/NZ (although I'd expect the NZ quarantine decision to perhaps prompt a rethink) then leaving it another 5-6 weeks isn't the worst decision. Tokyo numbers may well have been flat off the mark.

  • That would be due to the $$ coming out of PER vs what's in DRW ;)

  • So will it be 3 hours or 4 hours? The quote from Duncan Cargill says 4, but the T&Pc's say 3...

  • The key difference between overseas cities and Brisbane is that AirTrain (and Sydney Airport similarly) have an exorbitant station access fee in addition to your fare to the city! Whilst we able-bodied people may have the ability to use public transport, getting gouged at the same time is beyond ...

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  • Virgin Australia LAX terminal move

    Oct 09, 2018, 08:53 PM

    For what it's worth, the connector bus between T2/T3 and TBIT isn't that much of a problem. We did SEA-LAX-BNE in August. Waiting airside 5-10 minutes for the bus and walked into TBIT about 5 minutes later.

  • Delta Premium Economy

    Apr 11, 2018, 04:24 PM

    It'll be interesting to see how that turns out for the mileage/status credit accumulators, as Delta's Comfort+ product credits to Velocity as Premium Economy, but at 2/3 the price of VA's PE product.

  • Cheap upgrade Triangle

    Nov 29, 2017, 11:38 AM

    My minimum offer on a recent SYD-BNE and return was $120, but the slider defaulted to $150 when I opened it up. Considering I've got Gold status the upgrade to J isn't really worth it for what is essentially a commuter flight.

  • What is going on at QantasLink?

    Oct 27, 2017, 07:25 PM

    Is it possible that this reliability is an "Eastern" issue, as opposed to a "Sunstate" issue? Back in 2016 (or possibly 2015) all of Sunstate's 300's seemed to be sent south so that QLD became (pretty much) all 400's.Considering that VA have cut back their regional network perhaps there's less pr...

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