What is going on at QantasLink?

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As a platinum flyer I generally get annoyed at people complaining about travel issues. It takes a lot of frustration for me to complain. So after a lot of frustration....what is going on at QANTASLINK? It appears they are continually cancelling, delaying flights, aircraft going US etc etc... As I sit in the lounge having just been told yet another Sydney - Armidale flight has been cancelled and I am now flying to Tamworth and getting a bus to Armidale AND I am to miss yet another meeting. I am a bit over it!

Furthermore, why bother to retain platinum? I recently arrived in Sydney from OS and asked to go on an early flight to Armidale. It was refused (because of fare type) and I had to hang around the airport all day. Now, whilst rules are rules..given that they keep cancelling flights, I thought they would be happy to get me to Armidale!!! The only saving grace with this incident, was that the flight I was waiting for was one of the few recent flights to Armidale that I had been on that wasn't cancelled. If it had been cancelled after I had been forced by QANTAS to wait for it...then I may have got slightly annoyed!!!!

It seems to me loyalty is only going one way at the moment...no favours to frequent flyers. In fact anyone travelling to Armidale should be allowed to go on any flight they can actually get to Armidale.

What has been the experience of others



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Welcome to my world Phil, cancelled services are a very regular event on QLink, any of us travelling a lot throughout regional Australia have endured this for years, even the 717 services between cities are a regular no show, four 717 services alone cancelled out of Townsville in the last week, and the Q400 regularly go down. What is most annoying is the fact that QLink was Qantas cash cow during their lean years producing great profits through expensive airfares during the mining boom and now the rebounding tourism industry, unfortunately none of that has been put back into new aircraft and the fleet is tired, old and run down, but when you have virtually a monopoly on most of their routes it won’t change anytime soon.


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Sharing the pain, sharing the pain...!!! What was once very reliable is now questionable.

Hmmmm, have I left enough time between regional base and SYD to catch the next family OS trip...!!! The up-side is that it is not ARM, that's next weeks fun...!!!

An update after reading the rest of the comments.

Dear John (Gissing - CEO QantasLink),

I think know we you have a problem. Rex, Virgin et al are starting to look a good/better option. Not a great comment/thought from myself or the other QFF Platinum members who are/want to be loyal to your airline. We look forward to your product and reliability improving, quickly...!!! Thanks for listening.

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Yep I've really noticed a decline in reliability in the NSW regional services this year (compared to recent years) and conservatively estimate I've clocked up over 30 hours of delays on QLink services - including over 3 hours on 2x QF2042 services just this week - both due to mech issues with the Dash8-200s during the day bumping on. At least half of the delays have been due to issues with the 200 & 300 fleet which with some at 20+ years are showing their age!

Agree that us regional flyers are copping a gouge - as a weekly work commuter to Sydney have seen cost of flights rise over 10% in the last 6 months and can rarely do return for less than $450 on the required peak time flights.


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The Dash 8's are about as reliable as the BAE 146's were for Qantaslink.


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I've had a handful of QLink Dash 8 services replaced by 717s recently, and I was wondering, where are those 717s coming from, surely they're not just sitting on a tarmac waiting to replace a Dash-8?


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I've had a handful of QLink Dash 8 services replaced by 717s recently, and I was wondering, where are those 717s coming from, surely they're not just sitting on a tarmac waiting to replace a Dash-8?

Probably the one 737 that replaces the two 717's used to replace three dash 8's?


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When I was living in Canberra, the early morning flights to Sydney always had one (or more) cancelled. You got to know which flights were likely to be cancelled and which weren't it was that regular. The official reason was for 'operational reasons' which seemed to be 'we can cram you all into the flight leaving in 30 minutes to maximise our yield.'


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Try commuting from Canberra as mentioned previously, its a nightmare! The 6.30am flight, a jet, is cancelled so regularly I'm not sure why they even publish it. Worse, the flights either side of it are Dash 8's so unless you are on a flex or better you have no chance of getting another flight. Not even Plat Ones seem to get looked after when it is cancelled. And its a similar story at the end of the day. Worse, for those of us who are not govt employees the fares are so expensive and out of kilter with other cities that it just adds insult to injury! Appalling!


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Is it possible that this reliability is an "Eastern" issue, as opposed to a "Sunstate" issue? Back in 2016 (or possibly 2015) all of Sunstate's 300's seemed to be sent south so that QLD became (pretty much) all 400's.

Considering that VA have cut back their regional network perhaps there's less pressure on QFLink to be reliable?
As for CBR-SYD that schedule is a basketcase because of the fight between QF & VA for market share, QANTAS wanting to promote that they operate on an hourly schedule, but there not being the actual patronage for the route to work on anything but a 'prop. FWIW the CBR-SYD schedule seems to be all 400's plus 2 or 3 x 717's (National Jet Systems) and 1 or 2 737's.


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Haha, careful what you wish for! I just tried to book the 06.05 Canberra Sydney flight (eastern) and lo and behold it has disappeared with the first flight out of Canberra on Wednesdays now being the usually disappearing 6.30 (national jet). And of course all its discounted fares already sold out! Not sure what game QF is playing here but I can't see it ending well for anyone!


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Not just Armidale but Tamworth cancels flights quite regularly as well due to operational reasons.

I fly with VA when I can as they have 2 flights a day to SYD now but the times don't always suit.
QF need to sort out this problem as the regional traveller is suffering.

Andrew Barkery

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I used to love QFF in the 767 days, but now, I am more so going towards VA and their (X)Y product, even having to pay for it, at least I have a "chance" of getting a bit of leg room, if I get moved, so be it, but at least I have some "luxury".

As a QFF SG, I have only been opup(ed) one, and given a shadow sometimes, yes, I realise its a hit and miss, but at least with VA, but might have a lesser chance of loosing my (X)Y seat.

Probably will let my QFF status go to PS or NB, and keep VA PS, than aim to retail QFF SG.

Hmm, I just edited: just noted that VA don't fly to Armidale. Thought they did via VARA.

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Is it really the reliability of the planes or do they cut a flight when the passenger load is light to save some money? Anyone got any thoughts?


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QantasLink is reasonably reliable on Queensland services, but quality of product is definitely worth retaining loyalty. The service difference between QantasLink, Jetstar, Virgin and JetGO is minimal and I have no preference to anyone anymore, which just means whoever is cheaper gets my business. JetGO has a slight edge in that they are the only airline which operates my preferred route (Rockhampton to Gold Coast).

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