• Hey Qantaslink - how about reinstating some of the 'suspended' flights to existing Dash 8 regional destinations?? I'm still paying the 'pilot shortage' tax incurred due to the cut of one of the daily afternoon/evening services to DBO!

  • Ouch just calculated my Gold renewal cost on 100% Qantaslink regional flights:10 SC per sector (Qantaslink regional) @ $200 on average = $12,000 (all out of my pocket!).

  • What is going on at QantasLink?

    Nov 02, 2017, 02:38 PM

    The September 2017 Domestic Airtime Ontime Performance Report is pretty telling about the issues with the Eastern arm of Qantaslink in regional NSW at the moment. Overall Qantaslink had an average "Arrivals Ontime" of 82.7% - better than total average of 79.3%.However, drill into some of the spec...

  • What is going on at QantasLink?

    Oct 27, 2017, 02:07 PM

    Yep I've really noticed a decline in reliability in the NSW regional services this year (compared to recent years) and conservatively estimate I've clocked up over 30 hours of delays on QLink services - including over 3 hours on 2x QF2042 services just this week - both due to mech issues with the...