Singapore Airlines to fly A350 to Christchuch

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As of January 2019 SIA will be flying the A350 to Christchurch. When is Adelaide likely to get the same service. The premium economy seats on the A350 look better that the business seats on the A330


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I'd take the A330 Business over the A350 Premium E. There is quite a bit more room on the A330 seats than the A350 PE, which is a smaller seat than that used on the A380. They are flat too, not just angled.


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The only reason SQ is flying A350 to CHC is because they currently using one of last few longhaul 777-200ER with 2006 J seat, and those planes are the oldest in SQ fleet (delivered between 2000-2006) and have lowest fuel efficiency, therefore they want to get rid of it ASAP and replace it with modern types like A350.

ps: SQ is starting to receive 787-10s and A350s in regional flatbed, returning the A330s to leasing company, and perhaps selling all of its old 777-200s to another rogue states' government airline that has been sanctioned by the US for ages and losing money all the time.


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Yes unfortunately they have made a mistake with A350 PE should be 2-3-2 instead of 2-4-2. It’s tight.

A350 good for Christchurch. Adelaide will get 787-10 or regional A350 I’d say.


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SQ has most recently tipped either the Boeing 787-10 or one of the new 'regional' A350s (both sans premium economy) for Adelaide.

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What does Singapore Airlines currently fly to CHC?


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until the a330 we adelaide lot always got the planes the rest of australia did not want or were at one stage made to share with melbourne.the jumbos were always a sin-adl-mel rotation from memory or sin-mel-adl.then came the a310 which was when we lot got our own dedicated service from 1996-1999,a340 1999-2001 then the 777's 2001-2009.i will be sad to see the a330 go ex ADL in due course as I work for a disability enterprise that sends out their cutlery toothpacks and napkins for economy as we do a total of 265 a day for them and then there are two other ladies who do business class which is 20.i am not sure if and when the aircraft change will take place there though.

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