• not uk related but flew adelaide to budapest recently coming home from munich via doha connection was pretty good four hours both ways and no doubling back to and from some point in europe or a 16 hour wait in singapore like when i went to london.best part was in transit while the sq options woul...

  • if i won a lotto BA for me with QF connection from adelaide.willing to try something different and i am also frequent flyers with american which helps when redeeming awards for magazines or donations to charity.

  • another one is singapore.less than two bucks to town.10 times the price for the same distances.i have yet to try it but should just to see how it adds up.

  • very well timed.Ex Adelaide I can get QF764 around 5pm to Sydney and connect to this next time I go to Hong Kong.coming home will depend on schedules.I will either return on CX if the night flight just after midnight arriving 11:40am local exists or go VA via Melbourne.most likely the latter to c...

  • how silly is this.they have just as much right to use those lanes.granted one way people are paying 8 times the train fares or just over 3 times that of the taxi for something that does not smell

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  • neither.based on past experience and this was quite a long time ago for me.if one has a baby that young you can still have your asian holiday but stick to singapore or hong kong.

  • what's wrong with that.just don't do an elaine on seinfeld and sneak into business class and sit down when your seat is in coach after going to the toilet.

  • Reasons to not fly business?

    Nov 24, 2018, 03:37 PM

    I did it once years ago in Business(1989 with Continental thanks to my aunt)but years later when I went on my own to America Air New Zealand in Economy returning to Cattle Class felt weird.

  • Qantas or Singapore Airlines?

    Nov 15, 2018, 07:05 AM

    SQ.I might only be a red level at velocity but earn points with them filling the car petrol and at one time car servicing at midas(I am now sadly on a caped price service plan with Holden)since trading up which places like that are no more.that aside SINGAPORE ARE THE BETTER carrier.

  • do not remind me of the BP PROCESS.I Do that often and the one I fill up at sometimes going to work is clueless in that department.

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