• I haven't transferred mine. I think VA will survive (just) instead of another Ansett I think another airline will take over VA

  • I’m a Bendigo resident this is great news!

  • It seems something has changed somewhere along the lines. Qantas has found out customers don’t want to travel economy for that long. Or Airbus and Boeing are not modifying any aircraft. A359ULR or 777-8.Take your pick.

  • I think he has done a good job but new blood is needed now. Qantas domestically beats Virgin hands down. Like someone said meal on Qantas, crackers on Virgin. Virgin need to do what qantas done with Jetstar. Virgin premium, Tiger low cost. Interesting to see what will happen Internationally. Hope...

  • $1.6 billion is not enough. Qantas has really lost the plot if this occurs. Put a Jetstar 787 to AKL. Qantas has a premium airline and a low cost (JQ) ANZ doesn’t.

  • Could QF become an all Boeing fleet?

    Jun 07, 2019, 09:32 PM

    I think Qantas will definitely get the A220 to replace 717’s.Looks like A350-1000LR will be Project Sunrise aircraft. Yes agree Qantas have 99 A320neo variants on order mostly for Jetstar but I think we will see some flying for Qantas.

  • I found it more then comfortable and I'm 6'4. I'm happy to sleep on the angle. A lot worse J class out there then SQ.

  • Qantas regional Jet replacements

    Aug 23, 2018, 06:03 PM

    Qantas will convert A380 orders to something from Airbus. Possibly A220 one day.

  • VA has lost its way a bit. They want to be full service to compete with QF then offer one museli bar for snack. Seriously why bother. VA A330/777 J class seat is excellent. It’s a difficult situation. They have to try and make money and compete against QF. I travel with SQ a lot. If VA and ...

  • I have flown PE on SQ A380, A350 and 777W. A380 by far the better. If an A380 option is available I go for it. I haven’t flown on a new A380 with PE up the front of the bottom deck so can’t comment on that. It is more spacious especially 2 seats against window. A350 is quiet but have...