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  • Could QF become an all Boeing fleet?

    Jun 07, 2019, 09:32 PM

    I think Qantas will definitely get the A220 to replace 717’s.Looks like A350-1000LR will be Project Sunrise aircraft. Yes agree Qantas have 99 A320neo variants on order mostly for Jetstar but I think we will see some flying for Qantas.

  • I found it more then comfortable and I'm 6'4. I'm happy to sleep on the angle. A lot worse J class out there then SQ.

  • Qantas regional Jet replacements

    Aug 23, 2018, 06:03 PM

    Qantas will convert A380 orders to something from Airbus. Possibly A220 one day.

  • VA has lost its way a bit. They want to be full service to compete with QF then offer one museli bar for snack. Seriously why bother. VA A330/777 J class seat is excellent. It’s a difficult situation. They have to try and make money and compete against QF. I travel with SQ a lot. If VA and ...

  • I have flown PE on SQ A380, A350 and 777W. A380 by far the better. If an A380 option is available I go for it. I haven’t flown on a new A380 with PE up the front of the bottom deck so can’t comment on that. It is more spacious especially 2 seats against window. A350 is quiet but have...

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