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Flying PE to London from Brisbane. Spoilt for choice with 4 flights from Brisbane and flying Premium Economy, I am curious to know from the community which PE product is best for the Singapore to London leg.

I have read good reviews of the A350, however I am torn between B777 ER vs A380. Any opinions from previous flyers?

Comparing: SQ 308 - A388 vs SQ 306 - B777

Poll: Which SQ Aircraft in Premium Economy is best for the SIN>LON flight


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I would go with the A-380 as it is a quieter aircraft


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I have flown PE on SQ A380, A350 and 777W. A380 by far the better. If an A380 option is available I go for it. I haven’t flown on a new A380 with PE up the front of the bottom deck so can’t comment on that.

It is more spacious especially 2 seats against window.
A350 is quiet but have 2-4-2 it’s tight should be 2-3-2.
777W is fine but older noisier aircraft.


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Have flown PE on the A380 which is 2-4-2 on the lower deck. Perfectly fine as said by others, quieter cabin compare to 77W. Although don't expect too much view from the window seat as PE cabin is pretty much over the wing.


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If its a relatively recent SQ 777-300ER then it has newer engines and is not too noisy, but it's noisier than an A380. Either would be fine, I think. I would pick whichever has the best timing for you.

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Agree with xtfer. Honestly, as long as the hard product is the same, whatever aircraft type won't make much difference. People all rave about the higher cabin pressure and moisture in 787/A350, I personally can't tell the difference. If you have a pair of good NC headphone or ear plugs, engine noice shouldn't be an issue.

Timing would be more important. Get one that suits you best.


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I flew the A350 and A380 in PE earlier this year. I found the A380 seat offered more room than the A350 seat (which I think the 777 has too), though the A350 (and I assume 77W) had touchscreen IFE. PE on the A380 is over the wing and it's pretty quiet. The toilets are about the same distance but the A380 has a galley between Suites and PE on the A380, which afforded a more personalised PE experience. On the A350 and 777 the crew use a galley at the rear of the first Y cabin.

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