GA 717/719 and 716/718 MEL-CGK-MEL

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Anyone recently flown Garuda Melbourne-Jakarta return? SeatGuru says there are two configurations of the A330-300, a 2-2-2 with angle lie flat and a 1-2-1 with lie flat beds. Which one do they use? Any other tips or comments on this route would be appreciated. Thanks!


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From fake bookings a 2-2-2 configuration is being shown for the A330-300 GA717 and GA716.

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The A330's with the new 1-2-1 seats mainly fly between DPS/CGK to Korea and China with the rare one coming to Aus. As they aren't updating their older A330s with the new seats you will most likely find yourself on the 2-2-2 config.

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Last Saturday MEL-CGK was 1-2-1 also upgraded to F onwards to LHR


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Not sure about the MEL-Jakarta route - but if you are flying to Denpasar/Bali (GA719/GA718) then they use both the v1 (2-2-2) and v2 (1-2-1) A330's. However - be aware you can only get the v2's on certain days/directions for direct flights (probably 80% use the v1) - routes are optimized to favour them for SYD travellers (or those who don't mind the extra stop ex MEL). So if you are flexible with you schedule you can ensure you get the new ones.

The new 1-2-1 (diamond) business class is far superior to the old one as well so definitely worth trying to be on these flights - lots of privacy and reasonably comfortable for the overnight return leg (well comfortable enough for 6 hrs at least).

If you want to find out which flight uses them - you can initiate a booking on Garuda site + look at the seat map (this comes up once you've selected your flight and before you need to pay for anything or enter personal details). The SeatGuru site also seems reasonably accurate now - however worth double checking on Garuda booking site before you pay for anything of course.

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