Please help me pick: Jet Airways vs Etihad from LHR to BLR?

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Hi folks,

I’m flying into London from my home base Seattle for a couple of days (flying VS, separate ticket already purchased). From there, I need to fly to Bengaluru (all J class). This time, I’d like to try Jet Airways or Etihad (I haven't tried both, plus I can collect miles on Skyteam or AA respectively). I’d also like to my port of entry in India to be Bengaluru which rules out the daily Jet Airways 77W from LHR to DEL and BOM.

Option 1: LHR > AMS (KLM) > BLR (Jet, A330-330)
Option 2: LHR > AUH > BLR (Etihad)

I truly truly want to try Etihad (esp their new A380 business suites), but I keep reading so much about their cost cutting I’m not so sure I'm as excited now as I would've been a few months or years ago (for the record, I don’t care about cost cutting like removing the chauffeur driven car benefit for J class passengers, etc. as I’ll be staying in Sofitel T5).

The edge that Jet Airways has is that it’s cheaper, and lands at a relatively friendlier time in BLR (12:15a versus EY’s 3am, only EY flight combo I can take that has a reasonable transit time in AUH). Jet’s 77W reviews seem good, but haven’t read any about their A333 J class.



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EY, because you may as well enjoy what goodness they are still offering, while they're still offering it.


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Thanks mate!


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EY every single time, there are youtube videos on the quality of J offering by Jet. I have flown EY and they have an amazing business class.

Plus, business class lounge in AUH is also great. I have never flown J in Jet. However cost and flight times may dictate your travel more than the experience? If the company paid for it, take EY.

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