Virgin Gold Baggage Allowance - DELTA and ETIHAD

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Hi everyone,

Apologies just wanted to confirm something with the people who may be in the know. With the updated Velocity website isnt too straight forward to confirm,
1) - Has the ETIHAD baggage allowance in Business for a Velocity Gold been reduced to 40kg? It seems to indicate this from the velocity website from Jan 1 2018. I always remember it being 2 bags.
2) You get nothing extra with being a Velocity Gold flying Delta. I am Fying domestic first so from the DELTA website it seems i get two 32Kg bags.

Thanks for any comments.


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You get two 23kg bags for free flying Delta in economy. Non gold/platinums get nothing..


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It depends on the destination, domestic and cross border flights with delta is two 70lb (32kg) for economy but internationally it’s reduced to 50lb (23kg) and three 70lb bags if flying first, delta one, etc regardless of destination.

Something I’ve had to remind check in staff at the priority check in the when my bags been 60lb that I’m entitled to the same baggage allowance as a gold medallion usually at the smaller ports.

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