I am considering joining QC.

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I am considering joining QC. When the QF-EK alliance kicks in, would I need to have the QC card number on my boarding passes to be able to use the lounges, and get extra baggage etc.? Or could I earn points on my skywards card (more likely to be flying EK metal), and then flash the QC card where needed, and still be able to get the benefits out of it?


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Good question!

I'd say that you have to have your QF FF # in the booking (and therefore on the boarding pass) to gain access to lounges and to take advantage for extra luggage allowances etc.



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Awhile back when I was on my AA Platinum Challenge, I merely had to show my QC card to the lounge staff in Australia and LAX to gain entry, even though my boarding pass had an AA FF number, which at that time had no status.

I'm not sure how anal the EK staff at DXB would be but I'd say QF staff would waive you through without any problems.

To be pedantic, in section 10 of the QC Terms and Conditions it is not specified that entry is conditional on the FF number associated with the QC account to be printed on the boarding pass. Nor is it a condition of entry for mileage of a flight, for which entry is related to, to be accrued to the QF FF programme (and no other). It simply says "Qantas Club Members are entitled to access the Qantas Club lounge in the departure port when the Member's next onward flight on that day is with Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar".

As long as your membership is current and valid, it should not be a problem.


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I hope you are not joining QC at full price, as there are plenty of avenues (legit) to join at a discounted rate.

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