Potential for lounge access in Bangkok?

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Just wondering if I can get any access to a lounge in BKK in transit?

Flying to Hanoi using QF to BKK then VN to HAN. I have booked through QF site but VN flight using VN flight number as no code share. I am QFF Gold but only booked in Y.

Also, I have requested points upgrade on the SYD-BKK flight so if successful will that make any difference even though following VN flight in Y?

On return, if no upgrade on the BKK-SYD flight, I assume I can use the Louis tavern or whatever the standard lounge is for QF?

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Don’t think so being on a VN, but the emirates lounge is the best option if they let you in. The points upgrade has no effect on the next flight.

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In BKK, no lounge access on the journey out as you're not on an eligible flight number. On the way back to Australia, as a Gold QFF member you'd have access to the Miracle Lounge that Qantas uses by default, along with the Emirates Lounge and the Cathay Pacific Lounge. Japan Airlines also has a lounge but I'm not sure off the top of my head whether it's open at the right time for Qantas passengers to access.

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