Qantas Boeing 747 Perth-Sydney dates and schedule?

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Hi all, as previously covered by AusBt
Qantas is flying the 747 between Perth and Sydney though a news report stated it is flying until late September maybe early October though on Qantas website when looking for it some days it comes up some days it doesn't. So if anyone could help me out as I might be heading to Sydney soon and would love to fly it.


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Courtesy of Qantas we’ve been provided with this snapshot of Boeing 747 flights between Sydney and Perh from August 5 to August 9 (there don’t appear to be any 747s on the route between August 1 and August 4, based on what QF has supplied). This is a guide, not a guarantee, but might also be useful in seeing which east-west flights beyond August 10 could feature the jumbo.

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I just saw on Instagram that it's flying PER-SYD today


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Yep. I saw QF581 fly out yesterday and today as a 747.


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All good thanks guys I found out the dates the latest dates are 29 August and the 5th September and maybe some in October

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I did the red eye on that 747 years ago, in Y.

If you have the points to go J, do that but if you have to fly that route in Y, and if its the red eye, put any of your items in the over head bins, and don't put it in space under the seat in front of you.

Lesson learnt in my case, I thought it was a good idea to have my carry on in that space under the seat in front of me, bad idea!

Turns out that is a quite spot in Y.

Why? Because you will need that space in that spot to stretch your legs!

Good to try it once, but I would not try it again in Y!

Also, if you can, buy the spot next to you as comfort seat request if you can.

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