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Does anyone know how to link a Singapore and a Scoot flight? I have spoken at length with both companies they claim it is possible but no one could tell me how. We go to Athens on a regular basis and find that flying through Singapore is the most convenient (we had countless problems flying through the Middle East), Scoot is unfortunately the only airlaine that flies from Singapore to Athens. We have to fly on Singapore from Brisbane to Singapore, and then Scoot from Singapore to Athens. The problem is we cannot check our bags all the way. We have to clear customs in Singapore and then check back in with Scoot. Both Scoot and Singapore have said we will be able to check the bags through but when we check in at Brisbane on Singapore they wont check the bags through. We have been told that we have to link the 2 bookings, but no one can tell us how? We are travelling again next week on this route.


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From the Scoot FAQ - not available on separate tickets (google Singapore Scoot interline)

There is no through-checking of baggage for passengers and you will have to retrieve any checked baggage, re-check in for your onward flight and collect your onward boarding passes at the connecting airport, unless you have purchased Scoot-Thru, a connecting flights with our partner carriers, Singapore Airlines and Silkair, in one single booking itinerary where available, or otherwise stated.


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Looking at the SQ websiite, SQ has codeshare a as SQ8300 and SQ8301 on these flights


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Why not all the way on Scoot from GoldCoast, only 2hours from Brisbane, 'though 9am flight to Singapore so an early commute?


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If you want bags checked through then you'll need to book it on a single ticket.

The scoot flights are now sold via the Singapore airlines website so you can mix and match both Scoot and Singapore airlines flights.

I've found the check-in staff in Brisbane very helpful so it obviously doesn't hurt to ask and if you're trying to stay airside at Singapore then try the transfer desk first, sometimes they'll have someone retraive your bag and retag it for you however this may not happen with Scoot (it's more of a Singapore airlines/silk air thing).

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