TRS timing in SYD - Friday morning

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We’ve got a 1:55hr connection in SYD on an upcoming Friday morning (QF domestic to QF Int’l). What’s the TRS line going to be like at that time of day? Does anyone have success with the use of the TRS App?


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The TRS queue at SYD is always a bit of a hit and miss for me. Some days it might be stretching out the door, other days there’ll be next to no one there. I suppose the number of flights departing for Asia (especially Mainland China) around your flight departure will play a role as there tend to be a large number of pax doing TRS on those flights (and they tend to have a substantial number of receipts to claim).

I’d have the QR code handy anyway but I tend to abandon the QR queue about 50% of the time since the paper queue is shorter.

To be honest I have a feeling you’ll be cutting it fine with 1:55 since you’d have to get from T2/3 to T1 first. See if they let you fill out the form to claim the tax refund instead of having to line up.

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And of course keep in mind that you must make your TRS claim prior to 30 mins before your flight. You wouldn't want to be doing it after that time anyway.


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You can pre fill out the form online. I have done this every time i use the TRS and have even been -ironised in the line just because it is done online. They also have an app available to use.

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