Heard of B2B Pay for earning Qantas points

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I was sent an email link about a payment system called B2B Pay, which you can use for earning Qantas Points, which is connected to Qantas Business Rewards. They even suggest you can even use a regular credit card through this system to earn points from ATO/Utilities payments.

Has anyone tried this system previously? I haven't heard about it before today, but on paper (their site), it does look interesting and somewhat appealing on the surface. I'd be keen to know if others have already tried it and found that it works well for them.


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I used it a few times when they offered a special bonus for new accounts in May/June. The fee structure is quite transparent - 2.64% inclusive of GST. The regular Qantas FF points of 1 point for $100 amount paid worths really little but you get 1 MR points for every dollar of the payment if paid on AMEX. I personally won't do it on other cards which may give as little as 0.4 points (equivalent) for every dollar (as in the case of Citibank Visa Signature). The catch is they really play it safe so they will check with the payee by calling them up on bank details (if not paying via BPay) on new payee set-ups, charge your credit card on the date you specified, THEN make the payment probably 5 business days later (to ensure they get the funds before paying?). I got my fingers burnt as a few payments became overdue and I received a few phone calls! Also I am yet to receive the bonus points into my account at this moment, three weeks after the campaign finished. I have just sent an online enquiry via its website and hopefully will get some timely response.

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Agree you don't use this service for the Qantas points, but rather to earn points using Amex. It's a bit like Rewardpay except it takes Bpay as well.

Explorer is the best value as you get 1.5FFP per dollar. 2.64% of fee is high but that's like buying KF/AM at 1.76cpp, which is the same as Rewardpay. Not a price that everyone is happy to pay, but if you can make redemption value >1.76cpp you are ahead. It gets better if the payment is tax deductible.

Whatever Qantas point you earn will just be an icing on the cake.


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Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's certainly given me plenty to think about, and doubt I'll jump in to doing this anytime soon. Devil is always in the details, and a few calculations.

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The main advantages of B2BPay over RewardPay would be if you're:

  • paying a B2BPay Bonus Biller (where you earn extra points)
  • getting a promotional offer for new businesses (there was an offer recently of spend $10,000 with B2BPay, get 10,000 bonus Qantas Points via Business Rewards)
  • Paying bills that can't be paid to the supplier by EFT, but that can be paid by BPAY. In Queensland, that covers things like car registration fees for businesses, Brisbane City Council rates on business premises, Queensland Urban Utilities for water consumption charges, etc, all of which accept BPAY payments (and thus, can be paid via B2BPay), but which don't accept EFT transfers (which is all RewardPay can do).
  • wanting to use a Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club card to pay (as B2BPay accepts all cards, including AMEX whereas RewardPay only takes AMEX)
  • You want to schedule payments, as I've only seen this feature in B2BPay, not in RewardPay. Handy so that you don't forget to pay a bill but without paying a bill earlier than needed.

You'd earn the most points by using a Business Accelerator AMEX (2 FF points per $1 spent up to $50,000/year), although if you go over that, it's 1/$1. Larger businesses could instead earn more points via Business Explorer which is 1.5/$1 uncapped and a 50,000-point loyalty bonus after spending $100k/year.

(Not financial advice, of course - you need to make your own decisions - but just sharing some basic, publicly-available information.)

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