Qantas multi-city reward booking - removing one leg?

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Is it possible to remove just one leg of a multi-city Qantas classic rewards booking without affecting the other legs? Tried ringing Qantas to ask and hopefully change but there is continual "very high call volumes".

Have a J booking MEL - HKG - ICN on CX followed by NAR - MEL on JAL 2 weeks later. The HKG - ICN overnight leg seems to be a regional A330 with only recliner seats, which wasn't how it looked initially so want to bin that but keep MEL- HKG and NAR - MEL.

Assuming I do get through to Qantas eventually is that likely to be possible? Thanks in advance.


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They should be able to remove that leg. Obviously you will have to pay change fees for that service.


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CX regional J are a bit of a step above traditional recliner seats (, and HKG-ICN is under 4 hours flight time. Is it worth the hassle of removing the flight and rebooking?



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Keep in mind that CX are notorious for changing aircraft allocation. Whilst it may be a recliner currently, it will likely change a number of times in the lead up to the flight.

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