SQ21-SQ22 (New SIN - EWR) Cancellations already???

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SQ22 on 11th and 14th October got cancelled (along with the return).

It's either a bug in which the flights should have got "loaded" (look at google search / flightradar24) OR there is an aircraft issue (9V-SGA)


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Flightaware shows no problems.


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Isn't it only three days a week at the moment?


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Singapore Airlines requires a certain number of Ultra Long Haul aircraft to operate the daily service timetable. Until they get the extra aircraft they'll only be operating a reduced timetable of 3 departures per week. Once they get the extra plane then daily services will start on the 18th of October.

For some reason, Singapore Airlines have loaded the full daily services but have listed the services they won't operate as canceled which is what you're seeing on FlightRadar24 and Google. They've probably done this because there is only one week between when services start and then when it switches to a daily service.


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Thought that's what I thought it may have been with the flights being incorrectly loaded .

Though FYI, they already have 3 ULR's
9V-SGA .. Arrived in SIN on 23 September
9V-SGB .. Arrived in SIN on 29 September (currently being used for SQ21/22)
9V-SGC .. Arrived in SIN on 6 October

Though usually they tend to use them for cabin training etc prior to use and also they may have been cautious about committing to a daily schedule from the start for forward bookings.

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