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  • Yeah, 1:45mins is long enough to make a transfer to the next flight but with 1hr or so on average with associated immigration, baggage, security again and gate, it doesn’t leave much time for the lounge. See how you go when you arrive.

  • Polaris customers with onward flights have access to the lounge. We used it in LA after a BNE - LAX flight with onward connection. Not sure you will have time to visit the lounge with the short connection time though.

  • It’s a pretty quick process. It took less than two weeks for it to be turned around for my in-laws. That was a month ago. I hood that helps.

  • I hear daily stories from a friend who is in a covid emergency room in Brazil. I fully support the measures they have brought in. As he says, our response has been based on science and the populace has largely respected that. Unlike what he has seen there.

  • VA Business product

    Mar 20, 2021, 04:59 PM

    Rod,I would assume that VA's delay in launching the full product has been due to the various parts of the previous business case that had sub-optimal capital requirements or contracts that needed to be wound back and RE-structured. Things are always a lot more complex internally than outsiders w...

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